After Placement of Dental Implants

The three most important things are to dab implant and gumline with prescription rinse, to take the antibiotics as directed, and do not chew on the treated site until instructed to do so.

Medications  Take all medications as directed:

A)    Antibiotics – Take these as directed until all are gone.
B)    pain medication- As needed

After the first 24 hours. you may switch to over-the-counter medications. Take two acetaminophen tablets or two ibuprofen tablets every four hours. If needed, take the prescribed pain medication.

Eating  You may eat today. Do not bite directly on the treated area. Be sure to maintain proper nutrition. It is important for proper healing. Avoid smoking!

Cleaning It is important to keep your mouth clean. Clean all the areas except the surgical site with your normal brushing, flossing, etc.. Rinse after lunch and dinner with saltwater. Do not begin rinsing until tomorrow!

Bleeding A small amount of bleeding is normal for a day or two. If there is heavy bleeding, stop rinsing at once and apply light pressure to the area. Press with moist gauze, moist cotton, or a moist tea bag. Do this for a minimum of twenty minutes. Repeat if necessary.

Swelling    Some swelling in the gum and cheek may occur. An ice pack applied to the face will help prevent swelling. Apply the ice pack to the face fifteen minutes on and fifteen minutes off for three or four hours today.

If you have any problems or questions please do not hesitate to call our office at 732-566-7648.