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Central Jersey Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, P.A.

5 out of 5 stars based on 233 reviews.

Dr Shah took his time, explained the procedure perfectly. The surgery went absolutely perfect a "10"

- gene T

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This review is long overdue. Last year my wife had a bad fall while walking our dog. She was pulled down and her face hit the street and she was badly bruised. An x-ray revealed a fractured jaw. We contacted 3 supposedly maxillofacial surgeons, but none said they could help her. When we called Central Jersey in Old Bridge the receptionist immediately knew they could help and scheduled an appointment first thing next morning. Dr. Shah was the lead surgeon and he said that my wife's jaw would have to be wired shut for almost a month. This frightened my wife, but Dr. Shah put her at ease and both he and the entire staff showed compassion. She got through it easier than expected with several visits and she has been doing well since all the wires were removed. We strongly recommend this group for maxillofacial surgery.

- Curtis H

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The staff took my emergency call and told me to come with no appointment. Dr. Meyer explained everything and removed a cracked tooth. The other oral center of which I will never go back to refused to remove the tooth and rescheduled me 30 days out after being in their office on a scheduled visit. But thank God for Center Jersey, very professional and understanding. You guys are the best. Mr. Lee

- Edmond L

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The entire staff here was friendly and caring, Dr. Paterson was amazing with his treatment and friendliness. This was a fantastic experience considering I had a tooth extracted. I rate them a perfect score 10/10.

- Jeff M

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Dr.Shah performed the surgery to take out two of my wisdom teeth. It felt like the procedure lasted about 2 minutes. I had no issue with the anesthesia, and it felt like I had just blinked and everything was over.

- Danielle H

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Dr. Meyer is the best! Explains the procedure, does not make you feel as if you’re part of an assembly line, is professional and nice. I would never go to any other oral surgeon. In addition, his office staff could conduct a tutorial on how to treat patients with consideration and friendliness.

- Marilyn S

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From start to finish every point of contact and procedure was the absolute best. Dr. Meyer instantly made my pain go away. He is wonderful.

- Leigh T

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- cam p

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5 star service

- anthony squadrito s

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The office is considerate of staying on schedule and explanation of safety measures.


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Dear Dr Meyer,

I wanted to thank you again for taking care of  me on an emergency basis last Friday. I began the day at my dentist office where a root canal could not be completed because the tooth was cracked. Your office accepted me and preformed the extraction, which was more difficult then normal, after that.

I spent less time at your office with an unplanned visit then I have with other doctors where I had an appointment, and you and your staff were apologetic that you could not handle me quicker. My experience in your office was great and I wanted to express my appreciation for all of your help.


Fred I


Dear Dr Meyer,

Thank you for the great job and comfortable experience as a  patient. Love to the staff. You made my day.

Love and Prayers,

Connie D

Dr. Meyer,

Thank you for going through the entire implant process with me again. The new tooth is on there and holding on strong! You’re a solid guy and and awesome doctor!



To Dr Feldman & Staff,

Dr’s offices these days never have a friendly staff.  Your office however has given me hope that there still is a chance of nice pleasant people. Enjoy !

L.J. W.