Top 5 Reasons to Remove Wisdom Teeth While Young

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If you’re a teenager, you’ve probably heard that lots of your friends are having their wisdom teeth removed. And maybe you’re wondering if you should too. What’s the big deal? Is this a rite of passage? Does everyone need to?

You may hate surgeries or be too busy to add one more thing to your busy schedule. But the truth is, having your wisdom teeth removed now while you’re still young is something you should seriously consider. The prime time to have the extraction is in your teens or early twenties.

Read on to find out why waiting could lead to problems down the road.

Wisdom Teeth and Pain

Your wisdom teeth may not be bothering you now, but it’s always wise to take preventative action before there’s a problem. And before the problem causes pain.

Wisdom teeth join an already full mouth of teeth, so possible painful complications can range from decay and infections to abscesses and misalignment. Since your mouth already has 28 teeth before the four new third molars try to push their way in, things are crowded as it is. Four more just adds to the potential for dental issues like jaw nerve pain and swelling down the road.

More Difficult Extraction Later in Life

As your teeth come in, the roots become established. In other words, the longer you have a tooth, the more intertwined its roots become in the bone socket.

So, it’s not rocket science that the longer you wait, the more difficult a routine extraction becomes. The third molars are easiest to remove between the ages of 16-20, and your recovery will be much smoother as a result of a complication-free extraction.

Gum Disease from Wisdom Teeth Infections

Third molars erupt in the very back of the mouth where it’s most difficult for patients to clean and floss and where bacteria are most likely to crop up. When we are unable to get to food that is stuck in the back of our mouths, bacteria cause tooth decay which can lead to an infection.

When infections lead to gum disease, tooth loss is a common result. Have your wisdom teeth removed to avoid infected gums and missing teeth later in life!

Poor Mouth Function from Impacted Wisdom Teeth

We open and close our mouths every day without giving it much thought. Failure to remove your wisdom teeth before they become impacted can lead to swelling in your jaw. Simple things like eating, biting, and talking are no fun with a swollen jaw.

When Wisdom Teeth Cause Cysts

It’s quite common for wisdom teeth to have trouble fully erupting and pushing through your gums when there’s a shortage of space in your mouth.

And impacted teeth have the potential to develop cysts which destroy bone and teeth. Don’t wait until this happens to have your wisdom teeth removed!

Wisdom Teeth & Serious Health Concerns

Our mouths are like portals to the rest of our body, and when an infection occurs in our gums, the toxins can enter the blood stream and affect blood vessels and even blood pressure. If wisdom teeth are left alone and cause an infection, high blood pressure, strokes, and heart attacks can result.

Remove your wisdom teeth while you are young to avoid all the problems listed above. If you decide to keep them a bit longer, make sure to attend regular cleanings and checkups, so your dentist can observe and monitor any changes. Remember that wisdom teeth are susceptible to decay and can cause gum disease, so hold tight to your regular brushing and flossing routine to maintain optimal oral health.

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