Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I would recommend CJOMS Matawan to anyone. I have had no experience with any other doctor but Dr. Patterson, but I'd recommend this place to anyone. The staff was excellent. I felt so relaxed at this place. I wish I could remember the support staff's names because they were excellent as well. I loved talking about the local area with the woman that got me prepared for surgery. I feel bad I cannot remember her name. Both times I was there for wisdom teeth extraction I was wondering when they were going to get started with the procedure. And that turned out to be when they were already done. Dr Patterson was outstanding. my first procedure was under Local anesthesia, and I was wondering when he was going to get started. My second procedure I was put out for and apparently when I came to I was wondering when they were going to get started. Both times the procedure was already done. This is a true testament to their expertise and professionalism. I would recommend the matawan office of CJOMS to anyone. And Dr. Patterson would be who I would say to go to. Dr. Patterson is a true professional and great at what he does. Thank You to ALL of the staff at CJOMS Matawan, NJ. You are all excellent. My visits to CJOMS have been a pleasure, as much of a pleasure as having teeth pulled can be.

- David S

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